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Bankruptcy Simplified

 Chapter 7 Fresh Start in 4 Steps. 

Discharge Student Loans Through Bankruptcy.  

Step 1

Consultation with Attorney

To start, you will receive a consultation to determine which bankruptcy chapter is right for you:  Then we need you to bring the following:

(a) Last filed tax return, 

(b) Last 2 months of paystubs (if any), if self-employed it's okay;

(c) Complete the first online credit counseling course at

This process takes 2 days for us to complete and prepare your paperwork.  We are excited to help you get a fresh start. 

Step 2

File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

We will finalize your bankruptcy paperwork and get it filed.  You will immediately be under bankruptcy protection and  on the road to freedom and a fresh start.  

The calls will stop, the lawsuits will stop, the garnishment or foreclosure will stop.  We will notify all creditors immediately.

Starting from this point, your bankruptcy will take 90 days until it is over and you get a discharge.

Step 3

Meeting with

Ch. 7 Trustee

About 30 days after we file the case, you will be scheduled to meet with your case trustee.  This is a brief, 5 minute interview with the trustee about your bankruptcy case.  We will give you the questions they will ask and you will be ready.  It is very simple and we will be there by your side.  Click here for a sample video of what it looks like.  

You will have to go back to and complete the second course.  

From this point, there is 60 days to go until your case is over.

Step 4

Discharge of Your Debts

Success!  After you meet with the trustee, we will handle your case from there and keep it on track for a successful discharge. 


After 60 days from meeting your  trustee, the court will enter your discharge order and close the case.  We will monitor your case and keep you updated.


You are Done!


This entire process takes about 90 days.  We are by you the entire time.  


About Us

Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney By Your Side

Debtor Representation . Creditor Representation . Bankruptcy Litigation 

Recognized for Excellence


Loyola Law School

Juris Doctorate


University of California, Los Angeles

Bachelors of Arts

Legal Experience

Law Office of Sevan Gorginian

Owner & Attorney, since 2017

Arent Fox, LLP

Associate Attorney, 2016-2017

Bankruptcy and Financial Restructuring

Simon Resnik Hayes, LLP

Associate Attorney, 2014-2016

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Department

9th Circuit of Appeals, Bankruptcy Panel

Externship, 2013

U.S. Federal Bankruptcy Court

Externship, 2013

Teaching Experience

Cal. State University Northridge (CSUN)

David Nazarian School of Business

Adjunct Professor of Business Law

Glendale University College of Law 

Associate Professor of Bankruptcy Law 

Glendale Community College 

Adjunct Instructor of Business Law

Client Testimonials 

Rated one of the best bankruptcy attorneys.  Below are some former client testimonials with links. 

"Awesome lawyer! Aside from being very professional, he is very patient and very detailed when it comes to explanation.  When he speaks, it is very apparent that he is highly intelligent and that he knows what he is doing. He goes above and beyond...and even remembered my husband's birthday!  Thank you Sevan! You are awesome! 

-Mary P. 

"Best Lawyer out there!!!  We set up an initial appointment and he answered ALL my questions. He is honest, knowledgeable and professional.   He has my highest recommendation."

-Jose A. 

"He's honest, helpful, professional and very knowledgeable.  He takes the time because he really cares."  

-Grace V. 

"The BEST bankruptcy attorney.  Extremely experienced and is highly recommended." 

-Bridgette M. 

"SIMPLY THE BEST! I wish i could hire him to fix every single one of my legal issues.  I felt like i was sitting down with a life long friend instead of a lawyer.   I would highly recommend him to anyone and everyone!"
-Danielle S. 

"Professor Gorginian is one of a kind.  He was an exceptional professor who explained everything clearly, inspired all of us to do our best, and made the class very entertaining.  I am forever grateful for his inspiration!"  

- Former Law School Student

"As a professor -- he is the Best of the Best.  He gave me confidence to reach my dreams!" 

-Former Business Law Student 

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