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Bankruptcy I Family Trusts  

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Sevan Gorginian, Esq.


Bankruptcy . Simplified 

Get a Fresh Start 

Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Highly Rated I Bankruptcy Experts I Over 250+ Five Star Reviews

We Have Simplified the Bankruptcy Process in 4 Steps.  It's no wonder we have the highest rated reviews by our very happy clients.  

Chapter 7 bankruptcy process is about 90 days (3 months).  It is complete in 4 easy steps!  We will help you.

Step 1

To start, call us for a free consult.

To begin, we need the following:

(a) Last filed tax return, 

(b) Last 2 months of paystubs (only if any employed W-2),

(c) Complete the first online credit counseling course at

(d) Copy of credit report. 

Step 2
File Bankruptcy

The Firm prepares and files your bankruptcy papers. You are now under bankruptcy protection.  

1.  Complete 2nd management course at

2. Attend your Interview with the Bankruptcy Trustee (we will be with you, don't worry!).  It's easy.

Step 3
Interview with
Case Trustee

Attend telephone interview with your case Trustee.  We will be there with you and give you the questions.  It's very easy!  Call from comfort of your own home.  No court appearance. 


We will be with you throughout this process, don't worry!.  It's easy.   

Step 4

Success!  After 60 days from meeting your  trustee, the court will enter your discharge order and close the case.  We will monitor your case and keep you updated.


You are Done!

Family Trusts

We Help Create Simple Estate Plans for Your Peace of Mind

Our office has simplified the Family Trust process, that's why we call it "Simple Family Trusts."   Your entire estate plan will include all of the following: 

FAMILY TRUST:  This is a legal document that puts your assets (home, personal property, cars, businesses) into a Trust.  You remain in control of the Trust while you are alive.  Upon your passing, you name a person to then be in charge of the trust with specific instructions on distributing the assets to your chosen beneficiaries.  Trusts help avoid probate court division of your assets and helps protect your assets as well. 

PERSONAL WILL: your Will  will identify your heirs, your gift recipients, and what you want to happen to future assets.  This is often times called a "Pour Over Will" because the Will is going to instruct the person in charge to take everything and "pour it" into the Trust magic box.  So in essence, the Trust document will control. 

GUARDIANSHIP:  if you have children, the guardianship document will say who will take care of your young children when you pass.  Also how you want them to be raised, when they should get assets from the Trust, etc. 

MEDICAL DIRECTIVE:  Appoints someone you trust to make healthcare decisions for you if you are incapacitated and cannot make decisions for yourself.  Otherwise, the doctor will make the choice for you.  This includes artificial life support, Do Not Resuscitate, organ donation. 

POWER OF ATTORNEY: we help prepare your documents so you can assign others to be your agent and have authority over your finances and accounts.  

How Much It Will Cost

 Clients with 1 home = $1,950 flat fee for Full Estate Plan

Add $400 for each additional property to cover cost of transferring to Trust. 

All Fees Include Notary and Recording Costs.  No Hidden Fees.


Family Trust

About Sevan Gorginian
Experienced I Respected I SuperLawyer I 200+ Five Star Reviews

About Sevan

Recognized for Excellence

Logo all awards_SG_2019.jpg

Loyola Law School, J.D.
University of California, Los Angeles, B.A.

Legal Experience
Law Office of Sevan Gorginian
Owner & Attorney, since 2017

Arent Fox, LLP
Bankruptcy and Financial Restructuring

9th Circuit of Appeals, Bankruptcy Panel

U.S. Federal Bankruptcy Court
Honorable Sandra R. Klein

Teaching Experience
Mr. Gorginian is one of the highest rated adjunct professors.  He has a passion for teaching and inspiring the next generation of students. 

Cal. State University Northridge (CSUN)
David Nazarian School of Business
Adjunct Professor of Business Law

Glendale University College of Law 
Associate Professor of Bankruptcy Law 

Glendale Community College 
Adjunct Instructor of Business Law

Client Testimonials

Rated One Of The Best Bankruptcy Attorneys

Over 200+ Reviews I Respected I Knowledgable

Don't Take Our Word For It, See Below Directly From Clients. 


"Awesome lawyer! Aside from being very professional, he is very patient and very detailed when it comes to explanation.  When he speaks, it is very apparent that he is highly intelligent and that he knows what he is doing. He goes above and beyond...and even remembered my husband's birthday!  Thank you Sevan! You are awesome! 
-Mary P. 

"Best Lawyer out there!!!  We set up an initial appointment and he answered ALL my questions. He is honest, knowledgeable and professional.   He has my highest recommendation."
-Jose A. 

"He's honest, helpful, professional and very knowledgeable.  He takes the time because he really cares."  
-Grace V. 

"The BEST attorney.  Extremely experienced and is highly recommended." 
-Bridgette M. 

"SIMPLY THE BEST! I wish i could hire him to fix every single one of my legal issues.  I felt like i was sitting down with a life long friend instead of a lawyer.   I would highly recommend him to anyone and everyone!"
-Danielle S. 

"Professor Gorginian is one of a kind.  He was an exceptional professor who explained everything clearly, inspired all of us to do our best, and made the class very entertaining.  I am forever grateful for his inspiration!"  
- Former Law School Student

"As a professor -- he is the Best of the Best.  He gave me confidence to reach my dreams!" 
-Former Business Law Student 

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Client Testimonials


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